ICT resources…

During my presentations and worshops, I often make reference to resources and web 2.0 tools.

I post some of these links with brief descriptions.  If you find miore and would like to contribute let me know.

I will update these links periodically.

Resource Description & Link
Comic  Books downloadable free comic books and samples for teachers Bitstrips is Ministry Licensed software for School Boards in Ontario. This is a great tool to create comics for lessons and presentations. of free animated images
Animations animations online and export them for your students ore your own presentations and lesson ideas your image to preset animations – excellent for any presentation
Online Books
(eBooks, audio books,

Public domain books available as free audio books.
Project Gutenberg – Free electronic books available for download
Web 2.0
Easily summarize in point form– any web page or article.  Great tool for Differentiated Instruction.