This is a repository of ICT resources that you can use in your classrooms, in your presentations and so on…

Education Trends Resources

Making a Photo Collage

Here are a few tools/apps used to create a collage quickly, easily and efficiently.

  • Picasa,
  • Cool Iris

These are all great presentation tools but there is bit of a learning curve.   Tutorials for all of the above are offered at the respective sites.

 I have seen Microsoft PowerPoint, the classic software best known for presentations,  used with limited potential to create photo displays.
There are other solutions. For example, a copy of Microsoft Auto Collage – it’s very easy to use and very intuitive.  The retail price is about $20.00 US
Here is a link for more options

If you know of other solutions, please let me know via this blog or through Twitter.

Education Trends Resources Workshops and Presentations

How to Blog Using Microsoft Word

…. Microsoft Word 3 and Up

  1. Open a blog account: WordPress is one of many blog sites that offers a Free service
  3. Write down the username, URL, and password
  4. You will need them later when you setup Word for Blogging

  5. Start Microsoft Word
  6. We will now configure MS Word to communicate with your Blog
  7. Go to FILE à NEW à Blog Post


  8. Then Click CREATE



  10. Enter the information from your Blog Provider (WordPress) in the appropriate fields

  11. And you’re done the setup!!
  12. Now you are ready to BLOG with MS Word
  13. Write your message, letter, article, newsletter as you normally would
  14. Insert pictures, links, etc.
    Here is the banner for my blog http://theitconnection.wordpress.comSo you can see that I added a link and a picture very easily.


  15. When you are ready to save the document …..


  16. In Word 2003 and 2007 Find the Menu Command Called PUBLISH


  17. In Word 2010 Go to FILE à SAVE And SEND à Publish as Blog Post


  18. Click on the Menu PUBLISH AS BLOG POST


  19. And then the Button called Publish as Blog Post


  20. A new page will open up with the content pre-formatted for your blog
  21. Enter the Post Title in the Space provided
  22. Click PUBLISH
  23. You have now blogged with MS Word for the first time!
  24. Congratulations!!



Education Trends Resources Web2.0 World Workshops and Presentations

BitStrips for Schools

In my new role as eLearning Contact and Digital Resources Coordinator I get to discover new and exciting applications that I would only marginally know in my previous involvement in ICT.

One of these is Bitstrip for Schools.

What is Bitstrips for Schools? Bitstrips is an OSAPAC licensed Resource, This means that it is free for schools.

Here are a few quick facts on Bitrstrips:

  • Comics Designer Software
  • Web Based
  • Students don’t need to have artistic skills to use it
  • Safe
  • Teacher Moderated

    Teachers can use it to:

  • create engaging assignments in the form of interactive comic strips
  • create lessons and share them with other teachers within the online Bitstrips Library
  • showcase and remix students’ creations in their own lessons

    Students can use it to:

  • Create cartoon characters of themselves
  • Can literally be “inside their own school work”
  • Collaborate, share, and remix comic strips for group projects

    Here are some other reasons to start thinking about integrating BItstrips into some of your lessons:

    Student Engagement:

  • Kids Love Comics
  • Kids Connect with Cartoons & Comic Strips Naturally
  • Educators can harness this natural attraction for learning


  • Comics are a proven tool for building language skills
  • Particularly powerful for boy’s literacy

    ICT Experience:

  • Critical Thinking Skills: Collecting, Organizing, Synthesizing, Filtering, Re mixing
  • Media Literacy Skills: Visual, textual, Spatial
  • Collaborative, Social, online Experience

    Instructional Strategies:

  • Expands Teacher’s Repertoire
  • Flexible Application: Multi Level, Multi Grade, Multi Subject

    Entire New Medium to deliver Curriculum

    Go to and check it out for yourself!!


Education Trends eLearning Resources

Screen Chomp for iPAD

Just downloaded and installed Screen Chomp on my iPad.

This is an excellent little app and it’s free.

It turns your iPad into an instant whiteboard and can interact with Facebook so that it will automatically send your screen captures to your Facebook page.

What I like the most is the “RECORD” feature that allows you to capture your voice/audio and thus create instant and easy podcasts of your screen diagrams, doodles, etc. … cool!



 ICT resources…

During my presentations and worshops, I often make reference to resources and web 2.0 tools.

I post some of these links with brief descriptions.  If you find miore and would like to contribute let me know.

I will update these links periodically.

Resource Description & Link
Comic  Books downloadable free comic books and samples for teachers Bitstrips is Ministry Licensed software for School Boards in Ontario. This is a great tool to create comics for lessons and presentations. of free animated images
Animations animations online and export them for your students ore your own presentations and lesson ideas your image to preset animations – excellent for any presentation
Online Books
(eBooks, audio books,

Public domain books available as free audio books.
Project Gutenberg – Free electronic books available for download
Web 2.0
Easily summarize in point form– any web page or article.  Great tool for Differentiated Instruction.