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An unforgettable journey along the Costa Smeralda

An unforgettable journey along the Costa Smeralda, from Olbia to Porto Cervo and back, offers an extraordinary experience of natural beauty and luxury. Starting from Olbia, you are immediately captivated by the crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches lining the road. The Costa Smeralda is renowned for its charming coves, including the famous Spiaggia del Principe and Romazzino.

A must-visit stop is Porto Cervo, the epicentre of luxury on the coast.

You will find luxury yachts, high-end boutiques, and gourmet restaurants here. Entertainment options are endless, from golf matches to relaxation in world-class spas.

The return journey to Olbia offers breathtaking panoramic views of coastal landscapes, with opportunities to stop and savour authentic Sardinian cuisine in small villages along the way.

In summary, a journey along the Costa Smeralda is a luxurious experience of natural beauty that will remain etched in memory forever.