Education Trends

OSAPAC and Digital Resources for Teachers

OSAPAC licences hundreds of titles for the Ministry of Education for use in Ontario schools.

It has a well-established database of software titles as well as digital resources.


Visit their web site at and search for titles and other resources.

You’ll quickly find a lot of information about software released by OSAPAC for classroom use and to enhance lesson planning.

The library is easy to navigate and for each software title listed, it offers overview videos, technical requirements, and copyright information.

It will also tell you if teachers and/or students have take-home rights. In other words, it provides information on whether or not a copy of the software can be borrowed and installed on a personal laptop or a teacher’s home computer.

One of the most recent software releases from OSAPAC is Pixie 3.

The main feature of this new release is student collaboration.

Groups of students can collaborate and work together on the same project at the same time taking on different roles such as painter, writer, and narrator.