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ICT for health care

Communication Technology in Health Care
Communication Technology in Health Care

An area where Communication Technology is slowly making head ways is Health.  For years now there have been voices advocating the creation of a national central database of Health Records.

The Canada Health Infoway, a group sponsored by the Government of Canada, is working towards making this a reality.  Check their excellent website

Once this is in place it will be easy for a patient to log on and retrieve his or her personal health records. 

It’s already possible in some countries for some elderly patients or those with chronic illnesses to use “text-messaging” to access a health Care Specialist and ask for  and receive advice or help. 

Wireless health care – a thing of the future, you may think – is already happening in countries such as England.

Wireless devices connected to computers can constantly monitor a patient’s vital signs and report them immediately to health care professionals who can  respond accordingly and  efficiently in the event of  an emergency.

Source: The Toronto Star