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San Diego, California – a breath of Italian charm waiting to be discovered on the shores of the American Pacific.

While winter is already making its presence felt here, in San Diego, summer still lingers in the air. This city, situated south of Los Angeles, is a coastal paradise on the Pacific renowned for its perfect climate. Breathtaking beaches, vibrant culture, and a notable Latin influence make it a delightful experience even in a short visit of a few days.

We began our journey in La Jolla, a distinctive neighbourhood where rugged cliffs meet the sparkling Pacific, reminiscent of our own Tyrrhenian coastlines. A breathtaking panorama immediately brings to mind the scenic beauty of our coastal areas. A must-visit is the iconic Cove, a marine reserve rich with seals and sea lions, followed by a leisurely stroll along the panoramic coastline. The village center, just minutes from San Diego, is adorned with European-style shops and cafes that are truly captivating.

Each neighbourhood tells a unique story, from the exclusive coasts of La Jolla to the flavorful streets of Little Italy in Downtown San Diego. San Diego’s culinary scene, especially in “Little Italy,” is world-class, boasting five restaurants recognized with one or more Michelin stars.

An iconic pizzeria in San Diego is “Si Amo Napoli,” not far from Little Italy. Stepping inside, we were pleasantly surprised to hear the beautiful Italian language echoing in the venue. The unique aroma of authentic Neapolitan pizza made us feel as if we were truly on the Amalfi Coast. The owner, Gianni Guida, a native of Pozzuoli, welcomed us with open arms. The pizza was extraordinary – genuinely Neapolitan, accompanied by a good bottle of Aglianico. We spent a delightful evening feeling at home and returned to the hotel genuinely content, with a hint of nostalgia.

Balboa Park, home to museums, gardens, and the famous San Diego Zoo, is another must-visit destination. Also worth exploring is the Spanish Village, a lively enclave of artists and typical restaurants where you can admire Spanish Renaissance architecture and immerse yourself in another cultural dimension.

At the end of the day, a delightful excursion to Sunset Cliffs offered a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Pacific, casting a warm light on the rocky cliffs.

San Diego offers a diverse journey through coastal beauty, culinary delights, cultural riches, and a truly unique touch of Italian charm.


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San Diego, California – un soffio d’italianità tutta da scoprire sulle coste del Pacifico americano.


e qui da noi l’inverno già sta facendosi largo a gomitate, a San Diego si respira ancora aria estiva. Questa città a sud di Los Angeles è un paradiso costiero sul Pacifico rinomato per il suo clima perfetto.  Spiagge mozzafiato, cultura vivace, e una presenza latina notevole; un’esperienza deliziosa anche in una breve visita di pochi giorni.

Abbiamo iniziato il nostro viaggio a La Jolla, quartiere caratteristico dove le distintive scogliere rocciose si incontrano con lo scintillante Pacifico; un panorama mozzafiato porta subito alla mente le nostre costiere sul mar Tirreno. Dovrete visitare sicuramente l’iconica Cove, una riserva marina ricca di foche e leoni marini per poi fare una bella passeggiata lungo la costa panoramica.  Il centro di questo villaggio a pochi minuti da San Diego poi è ricco di negozi e caffè all’europea davvero attraenti.

Dalle coste esclusive di La Jolla alle strade piene di sapore di Little Italy a San Diego Centro, ogni quartiere racconta una storia unica.  La scena culinaria di San Diego in genere, e in particolare quella della “Little Italy” è di livello mondiale con ben cinque ristoranti riconosciuti con una o più stelle Michelin.

Una pizzeria veramente iconica a San Diego, è la “Si Amo Napoli”, non lontana dalla Little Italy.
Appena entrati siamo rimasti piacevolmente sorpresi di sentire la bella lingua italiana echeggiare nel locale. Il profumo unico della pizza verace napoletana ci ha fatto sentire come se fossimo veramente in Costiera. Il proprietario Gianni Guida, nativo di Pozzuoli, ci ha accolto a braccia aperte.   La pizza era straordinaria – veramente autentica, napoletana, accompagnata da una buona bottiglia di Aglianico.  Abbiamo trascorso una piacevole serata a casa nostra e siamo rientrati in hotel veramente contenti, nonché con un pizzico di nostalgia.

Il Balboa Park, sede di musei, giardini e del famoso Giardino Zoologico di San Diego è un’altra meta da non perdere.  Da visitare anche è lo Spanish Village, un vivace rione di artisti, e di ristoranti tipici dove potrete ammirare l’architettura rinascimentale spagnola e immergervi in un’altra dimensione culturale.
Al termine della giornata una gradita escursione a Sunset Cliffs ci ha offerto una vista mozzafiato del sole che tramontava sul Pacifico, proiettando una luce calda sulle scogliere rocciose.

San Diego vi offre una variegata gita tra bellezze costiere, delizie culinarie, ricchezze culturali e un tocco d’italianità veramente singolare.

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An unforgettable journey along the Costa Smeralda

An unforgettable journey along the Costa Smeralda, from Olbia to Porto Cervo and back, offers an extraordinary experience of natural beauty and luxury. Starting from Olbia, you are immediately captivated by the crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches lining the road. The Costa Smeralda is renowned for its charming coves, including the famous Spiaggia del Principe and Romazzino.

A must-visit stop is Porto Cervo, the epicentre of luxury on the coast.

You will find luxury yachts, high-end boutiques, and gourmet restaurants here. Entertainment options are endless, from golf matches to relaxation in world-class spas.

The return journey to Olbia offers breathtaking panoramic views of coastal landscapes, with opportunities to stop and savour authentic Sardinian cuisine in small villages along the way.

In summary, a journey along the Costa Smeralda is a luxurious experience of natural beauty that will remain etched in memory forever.

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Discovering the Beauty of Alghero: A Journey from Olbia to Capo Caccia and Beyond

As we bid farewell to Olbia, the sun rises on the horizon, ready for an exciting adventure towards Alghero. This day promises to take us to places steeped in history and natural beauty. The first stop of our journey leads us to Capo Caccia, a charming promontory overlooking the majestic Mediterranean Sea. The towering cliffs and the underground Neptune’s caves are a must-see for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

After immersing ourselves in the beauty of Capo Caccia, we head to Palmavera, an archaeological site that takes us back in time. The Palmavera nuraghe are extraordinary examples of the Nuragic civilization, with their mysterious stone towers and the surrounding village. Walking among the ruins, we feel like we have entered an ancient, unknown world.

Our day continues on the beautiful beach of Alghero, with its turquoise sea and golden sand. Here, we relax and enjoy the sun, perhaps taking a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters.

The cherry on top of this unforgettable trip is a dinner at the Barbagia agriturismo. This place offers us an authentic culinary experience, with local dishes prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients. We savour the richness of Sardinian flavours, from porceddu to pane Carasau, and end the evening with traditional desserts.

As the sun sets and the sky fills with warm colours, we reflect on the beauty and culture of Alghero. This journey has taken us through time and space, giving us unforgettable moments. Alghero is truly a gem of Sardinia that we can’t wait to explore again.

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From Olbia to Palau, Visiting Caprera and La Maddalena Islands – Welcome to Paradise

A trip from Olbia to Palau, with a visit to Caprera and La Maddalena, offers an unforgettable experience in the beautiful region of Sardinia. Starting from Olbia, you can easily reach Palau by car or public transport, enjoying a picturesque journey along the island’s northeastern coast.

In Palau, the adventure begins with a ferry ride to Caprera. This island is famous for being the home of Giuseppe Garibaldi and offers the opportunity to visit his house, museum and mausoleum. Nature enthusiasts can explore the numerous bays and scenic trails that characterize Caprera.

After Caprera, the ferry will take you to La Maddalena, the gem of the archipelago. Here, you can explore lovely white sandy beaches like Spiaggia Rosa and Cala Corsara, immersing yourself in crystal-clear waters and snorkelling to admire the rich marine life.

Upon returning to Palau, take advantage of the chance to savour delicious Sardinian cuisine in one of the local restaurants featuring fresh seafood and regional specialties.

This trip from Olbia to Palau, Caprera, and La Maddalena will introduce you to this region’s natural and historical beauty in Sardinia, providing you with an unforgettable day immersed in the area’s culture and nature.

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Cod in Cartoccio

Recipe: Cod in Cartoccio with Garlic, Celery, and Cherry Tomatoes

– 2 cloves of garlic, minced
– 1 stalk of celery, finely chopped
– 10 cherry tomatoes, halved
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 2 tablespoons white wine or lemon juice
– 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
– 1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped
– Optional: 2 tablespoons capers or pitted black Moroccan olives
– 2 cod fillets
– 2 pieces of aluminum foil
– Olive oil for brushing


  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C).  You can also use the grill – high heat – cook covered
  2. In a bowl, combine the minced garlic, chopped celery, cherry tomatoes, salt, olive oil, white wine or lemon juice, dried oregano, and parsley. Mix well.
  3. Optional: If desired, add capers or pitted black Moroccan olives to the mixture and continue to mix.
  4. Brush each piece of aluminum foil with olive oil to prevent sticking.
  5. Place one cod fillet on each piece of foil.
  6. Spread the garlic, celery, and cherry tomato mixture evenly over the cod fillets.
  7. Wrap the foil tightly around the cod, ensuring that none of the juices leak out. This creates a sealed package known as “cartoccio.”
  8. Place the foil-wrapped cod on a baking sheet and transfer it to the preheated oven.
  9. Bake or grill  for approximately 12-15 minutes (turn/flip cartoccio after about 7 minutes) , or until the cod is cooked through and flakes easily with a fork.
  10. Carefully open the foil packages, being cautious of the hot steam. Transfer the cod to serving plates.
  11. Serve the cod in cartoccio immediately, allowing diners to unwrap their own packages at the table.


Note: The cod in cartoccio can be accompanied by steamed vegetables, a side of rice, or crusty bread for a complete meal. Enjoy!

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Viaggio in Calabria e Sicilia: San Giorgio Morgeto

San Giorgio, è un borgo antichissimo fondato dai Morgeti, un popolo italico che popolava la zona ionico-tirrenica della Calabria ancor prima della fondazione di Roma e dell’ascesa della Magna Grecia e ai quali si deve il nome del paese odierno. Da Scilla, per arrivare a San Giorgio Morgeto ci vuole poco meno di un’ora. In questa località si possono visitare tantissimi altri paesi ciascuno di essi con la propria storia, caratteristica e tradizione, come ad esempio Cittanova, famosissima per la Sagra dello Stocco. (more…)

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Viaggio in Calabria e Sicilia: Scilla

… Scilla ivi alberga, …. Scilla è atroce/ Mostro, e sino a un dio, che a lei si fesse,/ Non mirerebbe in lei senza ribrezzo,/ Dodici ha piedi, anteriori tutti,/Sei lunghissimi colli e su ciascuno/ Spaventosa una testa, e nelle bocche/ Di spessi denti un triplicato giro,/E la morte più amara di ogni dente….. Omero (Odissea, XII, 112…)

Omero, nell’Odissea, descrive così Scilla,  il mostro marino che si nasconde tra gli scogli battuti dalle pericolose e turbolente acque calabresi dello Stretto di Messina, e divora i marinai che incappano tra le sue tremende branche. (more…)

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Trip to Calabria and Sicily: Serra San Bruno









Out of Tropea, you can either take the provincial road SP17 or state road SS522 along the coast, to arrive at Vibo Valentia from where you can then start to climb towards the Serre either north-east towards Sant’Onofrio and Simbario or south-east through Soriano Calabro. Regardless of which road you decide to take, the Serre of Calabria will be your endpoint. This a vast mountain area that extends along the Calabrian Apennines starting from the Sila in the North and ending in the Limina, the gate to the Aspromonte mountains at an elevation of 2000 metres.

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World Saving Solutions from Unexpected Sources. The answers are local.

It is inconceivable that many, whether by choice, lack of interest or unawareness, continue to ignore the environmental and climatic changes that are taking place. Since the late sixties, scientists and environmental groups have been sounding the alarm: we are on an irrevocable collision course with disastrous agents of change fuelled by consumerism, greed and a relentless onslaught of technology. (more…)

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