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How to Blog Using Microsoft Word

…. Microsoft Word 3 and Up

  1. Open a blog account: WordPress is one of many blog sites that offers a Free service
  3. Write down the username, URL, and password
  4. You will need them later when you setup Word for Blogging

  5. Start Microsoft Word
  6. We will now configure MS Word to communicate with your Blog
  7. Go to FILE à NEW à Blog Post


  8. Then Click CREATE



  10. Enter the information from your Blog Provider (WordPress) in the appropriate fields

  11. And you’re done the setup!!
  12. Now you are ready to BLOG with MS Word
  13. Write your message, letter, article, newsletter as you normally would
  14. Insert pictures, links, etc.
    Here is the banner for my blog http://theitconnection.wordpress.comSo you can see that I added a link and a picture very easily.


  15. When you are ready to save the document …..


  16. In Word 2003 and 2007 Find the Menu Command Called PUBLISH


  17. In Word 2010 Go to FILE à SAVE And SEND à Publish as Blog Post


  18. Click on the Menu PUBLISH AS BLOG POST


  19. And then the Button called Publish as Blog Post


  20. A new page will open up with the content pre-formatted for your blog
  21. Enter the Post Title in the Space provided
  22. Click PUBLISH
  23. You have now blogged with MS Word for the first time!
  24. Congratulations!!