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My Trip to Paris – 4 – Along the Seine

This is a great city indeed.

The city of lights, the city of love, the city of wine and song but most of all I found it to be the people city.

Parisians love their city and enjoy it to the fullest.

Here, on the banks of the river Seine, those citizens who cannot go to sea-side resorts can enjoy a man-made beach from June to August created with fine sand, complete with umbrellas, bars and beach chairs.  The road on the Rive Gouche (the left bank) is blocked in the summer months.  Millions of tons of fresh sand are poured on it and fashionably shaped (like everything else in Paris) to recreate a natural beach where old and young alike can enjoy the cool breeze coming from the River.

At night these alcoves along the water come to life with young and old people, strolling, learning how to dance the Tango or the Salsa or simply enjoying the millions of sparkles on the water as the sight-seeing Bateaux taxi back nad forth with hundreds of smiling tourists on deck.